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Marvel, an MCU fanvid by lim
Music: Festivo by Keiichi Suzuki

—thanks to Speranza, Astolat, and Kate Bolin x [124mb HD DL]

OK guys, do yourselves a favor and GO WATCH THIS INSTANTLY and I defy you not to chair dance with it. \o/ SO AWESOME. ALL THE AWESOME. 


step down, ‘cause i’m winnin
my money is killin

n-n-n-no, silly boyz can’t tame me
benny’s the only one who’s ever gonna claim me
a-a-a-ah, i’m in love with the price tag
give me your number and i’ll give that shit right back

so after today’s major squinting and the non-stop teasing of my squinting issues, i sucked it up and got myself a new pair of glasses

EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS I GOT THE PUPIL DISTANCE CORRECT! perils of buying glasses over the internet